In September 2014, the idea of AngeliCotton was born from a desire and dream for beautiful comfortable clothing.

We started looking for the most comfortable fabric we could find, we knew we wanted cotton, as it is one of the softest fabrics, however the quality in cotton, just like in coffee or wine, can vary greatly.  

Once we discovered and researched the organic pima cotton from Peru, we knew it was the best.  It has this natural soft glow and hand feel, one touch is all it takes to feel how luxurious great cotton can be. 

As we started understanding of the benefits that organic cotton brings into the life of farmers, communities living around farms, and our planet as a whole; we knew that going organic for our clothing was the only acceptable way.

After a year of research, design, and manufacturing, we opened in September 2015.

 We are proud and excited to bring you the clothes we dreamed about, knowing that they will bring comfort and beauty to your day.


Irina Bliznichenko - Designer

I am Ukrainian and love designing, the whole process fills me with peace.

My family is very important to me. I am surrounded by men, my husband and my two 3-year old boys.

I have been designing exclusively for private clients for more than ten years. AngeliCotton is my first opportunity to offer my designs to the world.   

Every woman has the most beloved clothes in her wardrobe. I hope my designs can be in yours.